Saturday, 5 March 2011

Celebrities and their Famous Sunglasses

When it comes to fashion icons, we look only at one group of people – celebrities. From red carpet looks down to their fashion sunglasses, we get tips only from the best. This is exactly why we spend a lot of time looking through fashion blogs or magazine articles – to see what pair of famous sunglasses our favorite fashion icon is wearing.

So what types of famous sunglasses do the stars like wearing? Of course fashion sunglasses need to be branded, which is why celebrities have their own favourite brands. For example, Kanye West likes to go vintage in his Carrera 5512 pair of famous sunglasses. Although not the perfect choice for many, this pair of famous sunglasses gives Kanye West his trademark look, and might even be suitable for beach parties or even for red carpet events. It takes guts to pull off this look because the frame, lens color and gold emblem of these fashion sunglasses might clash with the rest of your outfit. It might be a good choice for those with dark skin tones, and those who have the nerve to pull off this kind of look.

 Britney Spears

Even Britney Spears is looking younger with her Juicy Couture BFF Strass fashion sunglasses. The pair comes at $120, so it’s more affordable for the younger generations. Its design is for the young at heart as well – it has peace sign on either side.

Justin Bieber

Of course we can’t leave out Justin Bieber – every pair he wears instantly becomes famous sunglasses. Take for example Ray Ban’s Wayfarer 2140 fashion sunglasses. For only $145, you can have these famous sunglasses and look like him. Not bad for a pair of famous sunglasses, huh?

 Katy Perry

If you like looking at the bright side, then Prada’s SPR 19MS fashion sunglasses might be for you. Katy Perry pulls of these fashion sunglasses well, with her dark hair and red lips. Although these make for a flash pair of fashion sunglasses, they might be a little too pricey at $165.

Gwen Stefani 

Of course Gwen Stefani doesn’t leave the house without a pair of fashion sunglasses on. A pair of Gucci 3039 sunglasses doesn’t go well with most faces, and Gwen shows she is one of the gifted few who can pull these famous sunglasses off. Although a little bulky with its large gold decorations that plaster the frame, it might be a good option for those who wear the Marilyn Monroe look often.

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